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Sundance: Grand Jury Prize Winner Documentary 2009 We Live In Public, A Film by Ondi Timoner MoMA: Permanent Collection

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So You Got Something to Say About WE LIVE IN PUBLIC?

We love traditional press outlets but we think it’s cool that WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is showing up all over the internet in various blogs and sites. Check out what bloggers and journalists around the globe have said about us recently:

The Lumiere Reader
“Ondi Timoner is establishing herself as one of the more well-known and prescient documentary filmmakers around… [She] seems to be attracted to highly flawed figures, people who would be considered megalomaniacs if they weren’t shown as relentlessly human…”

“Director Ondi Timoner (Dig!), almost certainly the most interesting documentary maker of this decade…”

Emergent Chaos
“I think what I like most about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is how it shows how well that nothing to hide idea screws with people’s lives…”

RealTime Arts
“…while Timoner is quick to point out that the film is less a portrait of Harris than an investigation of the potentially dehumanising impact of the internet on society, the image of the mercurial visionary/madman at its centre, while at times affectionate, is not always a flattering one…”


Suicide Girls Love WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

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Flickr photo courtesy of heathervescent

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC gets a little risque exposure thanks to a submission over at Suicide Girls by heathervescent, who posted an article about our film and some of the questions it raises about the internet’s impact on our social interactions and our lives. We aren’t surprised that a website that redefined the feminine sexual image for online porn would have a viewership that is interested in the implications of living in public! Be sure to scroll down to the comments section where the author writes,

“I really encourage you to see this movie. I can’t stop thinking about the questions it raises. I wish I had the answers but I think we’re all figuring them out.”