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Sundance: Grand Jury Prize Winner Documentary 2009 We Live In Public, A Film by Ondi Timoner MoMA: Permanent Collection

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Our Widget = Portal to Awesome Bonus Footage From WLIP!

Love WE LIVE IN PUBLIC?  Then you you will be a fan of our extra-awesome widget.  In addition to being a handy source of info about our theatrical dates and so forth, there’s a little button on there called “Web Exclusives” that will take you to secret bonus content that isn’t in the film and our first installation is live NOW.  We will be rolling out new extra footage and great scenes that hit the cutting room floor over the next few months, so go to the HOME PAGE OF OUR SITE and find it.   But don’t stop there!  PLEASE SHARE the widget with the world by putting it on your facebook or myspace page, your blog, your site and everywhere else you can think of to help us spread the word!  Click that little Share button and go to town ;) .   Thanks!

Get the We Live in Public widget

We are so excited to present our *flashy ass* new WE LIVE IN PUBLIC widget!  Consider it a little toy or, oh, a little pet for you to have and love, from us just for you.  You can post this baby on your facebook page, in your blog, on your website, or hey, someone else’s website.  Journalists, put our little widget in your articles, twitterers, tweet this m.f. up!  It comes in two varieties — standard widget version and Twitter app version, so pick your poison or better yet, grab both. :)

Here’s how it works… the widget will link you to all kinds of info about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC but the footer will also LIGHT UP when there is new stuff for you to check out.  Expect not only photos, links and messages from director Ondi Timoner and the star of the film, Josh Harris, but also get ready for special widget-user only promotions and for advance access to WE LIVE IN PUBLIC WEBISODES comprised of unseen film footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. Our first web exclusive is launching on Tuesday, and People of the Widget, you will be the first to hear about it and get access to it.   We will keep you well in the loop with all things WE LIVE IN PUBLIC. We love you, widget people!  Rock on!