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Sundance: Grand Jury Prize Winner Documentary 2009 We Live In Public, A Film by Ondi Timoner MoMA: Permanent Collection

The countdown is ON for our **major** March 1st DVD/VOD release event that will connect the screenings and festivities in Vancouver, LA, Denver, Chicago, New York and Atlanta and bring them to YOU at beginning at 5:30pm PST.   The grand hostess of the LA branch of this affair will be none other than the gorgeous Eliza Dushku, who released this statement about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC:

“We Live In Public is an extraordinary film that I have followed since it won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance last year.  The film has travelled the globe and captivated audiences with an extremely powerful message regarding today’s Internet culture. In addition to being a compelling doc about entrepreneur Josh Harris, WLIP asks the hard question: what happens when we start to live in a virtual world rather than in the physical one. Witnessing Ondi document Josh’s joy and suffering caused by living a public life on the web, the film challenges us to look at whether or not social networking is worth the loss of our own privacy and dignity. As an actress in a culture of celebrity, I know all too well that I exist in my own virtual “pod” and this films sheds light on my own existence.  As Ondi Timoner’s producing partner on her next project, a Robert Mapplethorpe biopic, I’ve been thrilled to support her current journey with We Live in Public.  You must see it to believe it.  I ask you to join us. I am honored and excited to be a part of the 6-city live streaming broadcast, video on demand and DVD release with Ondi and her followers.  Using today’s technology, we will come together from all corners of the country to a common place and send off this astonishing film for a wide release.  Congratulations, Ondi.

Thanks, Eliza — we love you!

Ondi and Eliza at Sundance 2009

If you are going to be in any of our hub cities on March 1st, come join us live!  Details on

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WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is being released on March 1st via digital download and DVD and we are busily preparing for our uber-wired, star-studded launch party premiere.  You are coming, right?  Yes you are!

You can come be with us LIVE if you are going to be in Vancouver, LA Denver, Chicago, New York or Atlanta on March 1, or tune into beginning at 5:30pm PST for the live webcast.  Not only will Director Ondi Timoner and star Josh Harris be available for your probing questions, but Adrian Grenier will be hosting from New York and Eliza Dushku will be helming the festivities in Los Angeles.

Check out what Adrian has to say about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC and our upcoming event!

“I’m pumped to be a part of this unique web-cast conversation for “We Live in Public”.  I am excited to be paving new territory with a trusted explorer Ondi Timoner. Not only is the film amazing and timely, but the web is a perfect forum to share it with its fans.  I’ve loved her films for years and have always watched her closely because as an independent thinker and filmmaker, she’s been smart and innovative in this uncharted space called the internet. Ondi, with this film, has almost become an oracle in my mind. I am an independent documentary filmmaker myself and because my last film TEENAGE PAPARAZZO shares many similar themes as WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, I feel a strong sense of simpatico with Ondi. These days it is important that we all band together as independent spirits to share momentum and support. Low budget  independent films and documentaries were once marginalized, but that’s not the case anymore. On the internet, with whatever budget and with whatever genre of film, we can appeal directly to our audience and let the audience speak and respond. The internet is the great democratizing force. The ’90s saw the rise of independent film and now we will usher in a new era of independent film that, thanks to the internet and web-casts such as this, includes the audience in the equation as well. Let’s do this, I can’t wait.”

Ondi and Adrian at Sundance 2010

Thanks, Adrian!

YOU can come be a part of the conversation on March 1st, so join Ondi, Josh, Adrian, Eliza and the gang and be a part of film and internet history!

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On March 1st, in celebration of our VOD/DVD release, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC will be screened simultaneously in theaters worldwide!  The screenings will be followed by a webcasted in-theater Q&A with director Ondi Timoner and the always-controversial star of our documentary, Josh Harris, live from a pod in Chicago (if you’ve seen WLIP you’ve remember the sleeping pods from the bunker?).  Concurrent screenings and Q&As will take place in LA, Denver, Chicago, New York and Atlanta, and we are thrilled that Adrian Grenier (Entourage) will be live with the audience in New York and Eliza Dushku will be hosting the affair in LA.   All of the cities will be linked to one another and webcast live on  Webcast starts at 5:30 PM PST, with screenings starting at 6 PM in LA, & in Denver, 8pm in Chicago, and 9pm in NY & Atlanta. Q&A and outrageous parties directly following the screenings.  During the simultaneous screenings, Ondi and Josh will host a live show from their Chicago pod with exclusive clips from WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, all live on

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In a dishy piece, The New York Post calls out Bill Gates for cavorting around Sundance 2010 like a drunken spring lamb, as he “busted some moves amidst beauties and flirted up a storm all over town.”   And who did Bill rub shoulders with, according to the piece?  “Gates chatted up filmmaker Ondi Timoner, the auteur behind documentaries ‘DIG!’ and the upcoming ‘We Live in Public’…”   Our very own Ondi!  And Ondi totally scooped their story by tweeting the below pic at least two days before they ran with it.   Read about Bill’s dorky dance moves and more HERE.

If you FOLLOW ONDI ON TWITTER, you are getting the updates on Ondi’s glamorous stint as a documentary juror this year.   As she does the dirty work of judging the competition films in preparation to pass on her 2009 Grand Jury crown, we at Interloper Films are getting ready for the DVD and video-on-demand release of WE LIVE IN PUBLIC at the start of March.  PREORDER the film, and also brace yourself for the big March 1st release festivities in cities across the country — more details to follow.

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Gravitas Ventures and IndiePix are going to be releasing WE LIVE IN PUBLIC on March 1st, 2010 into tens of millions of homes on VOD (video on demand) and across digital platforms. The video on-demand release will be accompanied by a multi-city simultaneous theatrical event that will utilize the very technology the award winning documentary explores. After our digital debut, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC will have its national DVD release March 2 through New York-based independent distributor IndiePix.

The March 1, 2010 Multi-City Simulcast Event is a trail-blazing conclusion to what has been an aggressive 2009 festival tour, online campaign, and 15-city theatrical run. The excitement generated our release over the last year has already caused five major cities in the US and Canada to sign on to participating in this ground-breaking March 1st event. These include Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, New York, NY and Vancouver, BC – where a simultaneous screening of the film will take place followed by an interactive Q&A with Timoner and Harris from a performance space in Chicago. Distribution company, IndiePix, will host the New York screening. Each of the participating cities will be linked via a live webcast, with attendees able to participate in the live Q&A in theater and online audiences able to participate via Twitter. Celebrities are scheduled to participate from their home computers and webcams, and the event will include live performance pods, including fire throwers, trapeze artists and celebrity DJs that will continue the live webcast following the Q&A. The multi-city simulcast event will be webcast live on Our film is currently available for pre-order with a 15% discount prior to the DVD release!

Gravitas Ventures releases over 300 films annually in cable VOD including feature films, documentaries, animation, alternative sports, wrestling/mixed martial arts, comedy, and music concert programming. Gravitas’ acquisitions include: Lance Hammer’s Ballast (Sundance), Anat Baron’s Beer Wars, Stacy Peralta’s Crips and Bloods Made in America (Sundance), Jay Jonroy’s David and Layla (Cannes), Kate Churchill’s Enlightened Up!, Ryan Little’s Forever Strong, Marianna Palka’s Good Dick (Sundance), Kevin Rafferty’s Harvard Beats Yale: 29-29, Deborah Kampmeier’s Hounddog (Sundance), Georgina Riedel’s How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer (Sundance), Benson Lee’s Planet B-Boy (Tribeca), Stephanie Soechtig’s Tapped, Michael Keaton’s The Merry Gentleman (Sundance), and Robert VanAlkemade’s What Would Jesus Buy? (SXSW).

IndiePix is a New York-based distributor that delivers a highly-curated collection of the best Independent Films from around the world. They have a catalog of over 3,500 independent film gems – art-house, foreign, and documentary the IndiePix team selects the best titles from the international festival circuit. Avenues for distribution include event driven public exhibition, domestic and international broadcast licensing, and major Internet and cable digital channels. IndiePix’s proprietary distribution includes its patented Download-to-Own technology, its partnership with Streamami for its industry leading On-Demand streaming hi-resolution full screen presentations, and its proprietary retail sales and marketing capability.

We are so excited to team up with these amazing companies to get our film out there and into the hands of those of you who have supported us and cheered us on through this process, as well as in front of lots of new faces. Bring it on!

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Oregonians!  We are bringing our Sundance 2009 Grand Jury Award winning doc to Portland, Oregon’s very own Hollywood Theater, beginning Friday, January 8th.

Hollywood Theatre  /// 4122 Northeast Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR‎  ///  (503) 281-4215‎

Click for a map of the Hollywood Theatre

We appreciate the warm welcome from the Oregon press.  The Portland Mercury calls WE LIVE IN PUBLIC a “fascinating, sick documentary worth seeing…  [STAFF PICK]” and The Oregonian describes the film as “timely and lively.”  Thanks!

We are also thrilled to be included in uber-film critic Roger Ebert’s top ten documentaries of 2009.  In his Chicago Sun-Times review he raves, “This is a remarkable film about a strange and prophetic man [FOUR STARS].”

Tell your Portland friends to get their tickets now — this is a limited run!


Portland is the final American city of our current theatrical tour.  We are looking forward to releasing WE LIVE IN PUBLIC on DVD and via video-on-demand at the start of March!

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Happy holidays!
As the end of the year approaches and journalists compile their best-of-year (and best-of-decade)  lists, we’ve been excited to see WE LIVE IN PUBLIC get a lot of nods from various people who *clearly* have excellent taste.   One of our favorite reviews from the past year came from legendary film critic Roger Ebert, who gave us a four star review in October.  We are thrilled to be a part of his year-end round-up of the best docs of 2009, alongside some other amazing docs including TYSON, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, and ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL.

“Josh Harris… was a myopic visionary, a man who saw the future more vividly than his own life… Filmmaker Ondi Timoner was on the scene from the start… Fascinating.”

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and we’ll catch you next year!

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We are launching our Washington DC theatrical run **tonight** at the Landmark E Street Cinema.  Our film screens at 5:30, 7:40 and 9:50 tonight, Friday December 11, and will continue to play all week.
E Street Cinema
555 11th Street NW
Washington DC 20004
Screening times and ticket info

Roger Ebert recently raved in the Sun-Times, “This is a remarkable film about a strange and prophetic man.  [4 STARS]“  And just today, the Washington Post writes, “The title of Ondi Timoner’s Sundance award-winning documentary about the loss of privacy in the Internet age says it all: “We Live in Public.” Don’t believe it? Just try Googling “Tiger Woods” or “Michaele Salahi…”

Tell your DC-area friends!  Woo!

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WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is opening at the Cinematheque at The Cleveland Institute of Art tonight and we have another screening tomorrow.  Here are the pressing details:

Friday December 11   9:35pm
Saturday December 12  5:30pm
11141 E. Blvd  Cleveland, OH 44106
(800) 223 4700


We’ve received a warm welcome from Ohio journalists. describes the film as “…a journey through the life of dot-com entrepreneur Josh Harris, a wily wheeler-dealer who went from boom to bust, sacrificing privacy for his trenchant narcissism….  It’s great when a documentary can make us stop, catch our breath and really take notice of the weird world around us.  In this case, our ever-exposed, constant-contact, Facebook, MySpace, streaming, Skypeing, Twittering, texting lives… WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is a hoot!”

See you this weekend, Ohioans!

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WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is coming to rock the Rockies!  Our film will be at the Starz Filmcenter from December 3rd through the 10th.  On opening night, Thursday December 3, the 7pm screening will be followed by a Q+A with director Ondi Timoner and on Friday December 4th, the 7:30pm screening will be followed by (in the words of the promoter…) “a provocative panel discussion and Q&A focused on the role of social media and the real-time web in media, advertising and popular culture.”  The panel members include Ondi, Ef Rodriguez of the Huffington Post and Scott Prindle + Alex Burnard of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  Don’t find yourself in the shoes of one of those people emailing us and bemoaning the fact that they missed the run in their city and when are we coming back , yada yada… don’t be that guy.  We are so psyched to bring the film to Denver and the opening two nights in particular are going to be a blast!

“This is a remarkable film about a strange and prophetic man… [FOUR STARS]” Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times

We Live in Public at STARZ[1]

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