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Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Grab your proverbial latte and NPR tote, cuddle up to your computer and check out our national NPR feature on Fresh Air! 

“Ondi Timoner’s We Live in Public is a breathless film about Josh Harris [whose] projects raise all sorts of fascinating issues about how digital technology is redrawing the boundaries of the self.  As its possibilities enter people’s heads, they redefine what belongs to me — what is me — and what belongs to the world.”

And some other murmurings from the great wide web…

“Chronicling the career of Josh Harris, web-video pioneer and social-networking social-experimenter, the movie examines the net-kid’s decade-old happenings, then merely eccentric, and lays blatant their prescient relevance…”

Life Unscripted.
“This film raises important questions on how much we have come to rely on the Internet as a form of communication, and the extent to which it impacts the way we communicate off line as much as online… It makes you realise how much the Internet’s enticing and seductive qualities are both beautiful and dangerous!”


“How he lost $80 Million and plans to get it all back…” Josh on ABC News and a New Press Round-up!

Friday, September 11th, 2009

We had an amazing feature story on ABC News this week, all about the star of WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, Josh Harris.  The piece includes lots of footage from the documentary and will be interesting to fans of our film, internet junkies, and both the Josh lovers and haters out there.

Here’s a link to the televised piece:

They also have an article on-line at the ABC News site:
Documentary Chronicles the Return of a Former Tech Mogul
“Harris says he believes society is headed into a future where everyone lives in public.  ‘Orwell was wrong; the government doesn’t impose Big Brother,’ he says. ‘Audiences demand it.’  And Harris says he’s the guy to take us there.”

Check out some of the other press and media attention we have received as of late:

“Timoner’s 90-minute documentary about dot-com kid Josh Harris paints Harris as a venerable Nostradamus of the Internet age… We Live In Public won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year, will no doubt win over legions of filmgoers, and may just place Harris in the limelight… A vivid portrait.”

Film Threat
‘Net Loss: Interview With Filmmaker Ondi Timoner on WE LIVE IN PUBLIC
“Like a shot of Broadband to the brain, “We Live In Public” is prompting major buzz… With confident, compressed momentum, “We Live In Public” persuades us that virtual interaction has trumped physical connection.”

Chlotrudis Mewsings
“Controversial and thought-provoking… Timoner again leverages unprecedented access to expose a fascinating character… and, at the same time, provides insight into our own futures as our lives become increasingly exposed online.”

A Gathering of the Tribes
Caged King: Josh Harris and Ondi Timoner’s WE LIVE IN PUBLIC
“[Ondi Timoner] is known for her ability to capture strong film verite…”

New Todays
Dan Persons: Mighty Movie Podcast:  Welcome, Big Brother: Ondi Timoner on WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

We are closing out a really fun and successful run at the IFC Center in New York City but we are still playing at the Brattle Theater (BUY TICKETS HERE) in Cambridge, MA, and look forward to opening in Los Angeles next, on 9-24-09 at the Landmark Nuart Theatre.  Thanks so much for all of your support!

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC Opens Cambridge Theatrical Run Tonight at the Brattle

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Head to Cambridge this weekend for the very exciting Boston-area theatrical launch of our 2009 Sundance-winning documentary.   We will be at the Brattle Theater and you can BUY TICKETS HERE.  Director Ondi Timoner and star Josh Harris will be on-hand for lively Q+As.  This is a rare opportunity to not only see our film on the big screen but also to meet the masterminds behind the film and grill them with your toughest questions ;) .

Check out some of the excellent advance Boston-area press:

Boston Globe
WE LIVE IN PUBLIC: The rise and fall of a dot-com darling: ‘Public’ traces a visionary’s virtual ruin
“WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is… fascinating, like a car wreck seen through a rearview mirror… the film touches eerily on the paranoia and power games that can come from having an ever-present audience.”

The Providence Phoenix

Call it Woodstock crossed with Salò and The Real World
“…As Ondi Timoner’s lively and chilling documentary reveals, [Josh Harris] did embody… excesses of narcissism and puerility and delusions of grandeur.”

We launched in NYC at the IFC Theater last week (and we are still running!) and sold out our opening weekend screenings, so grab your tickets for Boston in advance.  We’ve gotten some big love from the press during our New York run so far!  Take a look-see at a few samples:

New Yorker
“Disturbing yet fascinating footage… [Josh Harris] is graced and cursed with a visionary strangeness; artist, con artist, and businessman; genius, clown, and control freak…”

Huffington Post
We Live in Public shows what happens when one follows a dangerous idea to its logical conclusion… the film serves both as a disturbing and mesmerizing drama, and a sobering warning.

Fast Company
“We Live in Public is a voyeuristic and captivating look at our growing dependence on the Internet… The film will undoubtedly cause you to think long and hard.”

We’ve just extended our limited run in NYC at the IFC, so tell your New York friends to catch it while they can!

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC Now Playing In NYC at the IFC and a New Press Roundup!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC has extended our theatrical run in NYC at the IFC Center.  Do not miss out on one of the most talked-about and acclaimed docs of 2009 — this is a very limited engagement!  Go get your seat and be sure to tell your New York area friends.  BUY TICKETS HERE.

Screening times: 1:10pm and 7:30pm daily.   Next on the whistle-stop tour: Boston.

DSC02118WE LIVE IN PUBLIC marquee!

DSC02134Ondi + Josh at an IFC Q+A

We continue to get incredible press on our documentary and as of today we have an 89% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Here’s the latest media round-up for you!

NEW YORK MAGAZINE—August 28th, 2009—Vanita Salsbury asks Josh Harris 21 questions
“Josh Harris: I am staying in a Hollywood pool house driving a yellow Corvette. I can barely afford the gas to make it go. I am lucky to have good friends…”


HUFFINGTON POST—September 2nd, 2009—Dan Persons interviews Ondi Timoner for the Mighty Movie Podcast
“The film serves both as a disturbing and mesmerizing drama, and a sobering warning.”

“Award-winning director Ondi Timoner and Josh Harris discuss the new documentary WE LIVE IN PUBLIC…”

AWEARNESS: The Kenneth Cole Blog—September 2nd, 2009—Dan Persons interviews Ondi Timoner for the Mighty Movie Podcast
“Many of Harris’s seemingly insane ideas have been manifest in the ubiquity of sites like Facebook and Twitter: we really do live in public now, so why isn’t Harris getting any props for being way ahead of the curve? Just think of it: when Harris founded Pseudo, in 1994, the founders of Facebook were still in grade school.”

SCATTER/GATHER:ideas+opinions from content strategists at Razorfish—September 1, 2009—Now Watch This: WE LIVE IN PUBLIC
“Dozens of people lived together in close quarters and had cameras pointed at them everywhere they went, every minute of the day. It got messy. Days later, we were still thinking about it.”

DALLASBLACK.COM—August 28th, 2009—Four star review by Kam Williams
“Vividly recounted… A cautionary documentary about the dire prospects of a culture where people feel most validated by a television camera.”

See more recent press for WE LIVE IN PUBLIC here:

Reviewers Heart WLIP, says Rotten Tomatoes – Press Roundup!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is getting tons of raves from the media and we are excited to have an 88% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as of today.

Look at some the great press that keeps rolling in for WE LIVE IN PUBLIC!  Bloggers like us too… :) – review by Kurt Loder
“WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, Ondi Timoner’s new documentary about Harris, prompts a number of questions — about the future of privacy, the decay of intimacy, and technological totalitarianism… It’s a maddening, mesmerizing film.”

New York Daily News
“Compelling… Fascinating…”
Fast Company
“Award-winning director Ondi Timoner’s latest documentary is a captivating look at our growing dependence on the Internet.”

“Ondi Timoner… is gambling her superb, Sundance-winning We Live in Public on the same mass-media concepts that, ironically, doomed her protagonist.”

The Brooklyn Socialite
“This was an experiment with human guinea pigs… [the film asks] some very frightening moral questions…”

“WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is film making at its finest.”

Hammer to Nail
“Even thinking about Ondi Timoner’s Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning film makes me want to cut off my electricity and join a monastery.”

Josh Harris in NYC to Support Film All Week… Boston You’re Next

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

After an incredible opening weekend at the IFC in New York, Josh Harris, the subject of the documentary will continue to hold Q+As all week for audience members who catch us during this limited engagement.  This is a unique opportunity to both see the film on a big screen and get a chance to grill (or ask polite questions of) the star afterward.  New Yorkers, grab your TICKETS now!

Boston, your theatrical run is imminent!  Our opening day is Sept. 4 and Ondi and Josh will be there with bells on over opening weekend to hold Q+As after the screenings.
Brattle Theatre
Cambridge, MA


Check out our star JOSH HARRIS on the front of the Style section in the New York Times today!

Back By Popular Demand, Live Webcast of Q+A TONIGHT!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

We sold our our screenings last night at the IFC in NYC and are so excited to be back for more action tonight, Saturday August 29.  We had so much traffic for the post-screening Q+A webcast last night, we are bringing it back for an encore tonight.  Tune in around 9:15pm and 11:20pm EST to to catch it as it happens from the Big Apple.   If you are in NYC, come see the film and meet the director and star in person.  BUY TICKETS HERE.

Thank you New Yorkers for making the launch of our national theatrical run such a success!

Hot Off The Presses For WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

Friday, August 28th, 2009

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC is racking up more attention as we launch our theatrical run, beginning in New York today at the IFC Center (BUY TICKETS HERE!) This week we received great press in Time Out, The New Yorker and New York Magazine this week and Lumiere Magazine called Director Ondi Timoner one of the most “prescient filmmakers around” but if that weren’t cool enough, check out some of the new articles that are hot off of the virtual presses:

Unsatisfied with “Public” Offers, Ondi Timoner Opts to Do It Herself
“Eight months after receiving the grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival – the second time she’s won the coveted documentary award – filmmaker Ondi Timoner is bringing her latest film to theaters herself…”

The L Magazine
“You need to see it in order to understand it… [Timoner] offers a prophetic glimpse into the madness”

“Harris is as much a con man as he is a prophet, a savvy computer nerd one minute, a fast-talking party boy on the verge of a breakdown the next. And it all makes for a riveting viewing experience.”
“Engrossing and frightening… Part character study, part cautionary thriller, We Live in Public provides one of the more effective if not profound looks at the colonization of the internet at the expense of individuality”

“…the ending is no let down from the mesmerizing trip Ondi Timoner orchestrates throughout WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.”

“WE LIVE IN PUBLIC… will inevitably shake us all to the core about what the future brings for all of us as we increasingly live, work and love through media and technology.”

“[Josh Harris] spent his life implementing his unique vision of the future, where technology and media dictate human social interaction and define our personal identity… and Timoner caught it all on camera”

Epoch Times
“Harris truly anticipated the ways in which the Internet would break down traditional notions of privacy, stoking a cyber form of exhibitionism.”

Spout Blog
“Harris is a great anti-hero, and the film more than convinces that we haven’t even begun to grapple with the ramifications of our ‘always on’ internet personas…”

Cole Smithey: The Smartest Film Critic In The World
“Thought-provoking… It could signify the end of the world as we know it.”

Ondi Timoner is becoming recognized as one of the most important filmmakers of our time and this theatrical run is not to be missed — there’s no substitute for seeing this on the big screen!

The Twitterati LOVES WLIP — Thanks Ashton, Demi, Eliza and Everyone!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Not only is WE LIVE IN PUBLIC the first film to feature Twitter quotes on our official film poster according to Slashfilm (and to the delight of one of the parties quoted…) it’s a veritable lovefest between WLIP and Twitter.   Look at some the hot digital action:

Demi Moore has been tweeting about us again:
@mrskutcher If you want to know how we got here check out WE LIVE IN PUBLIC really don’t want you to miss seeing this. AMAZING!

And Ashton too!
@aplusk  if you don’t know about We Live in Public you should check this out

@aplusk this movie is amazing I’ve seen it very cool look at the future of the net – WLIP tickets page

Eliza Dushku…

@elizadushku U may never tweet the same again after this – We Live in Public opening night get tkts here: #wlip w/ @onditimoner

Jason Calacanis…
@jason WE LIVE IN PUBLIC (documentary that won Sundance that i’m in) opens NYC IFC this Fri,Aug28. Don’t miss it! #wlip

Fred Wilson…
@fredwilson  WE LIVE IN PUBLIC (documentary that won Sundance) opens NYC IFC this Fri, Aug28. Don’t miss it! #wlip

And the Twitter community is blowing up about the film — here’s a partial selection of tweets from TODAY alone!

tangxiao57 Going to see #we live in public tomorrow. I’m excited!

monahank2 We Live in Public opening in NYC this friday. Was lucky to have seen preview and it’s amazing. See it!

ThieseFrancis “We live in Public” I need to see that movie, too!

Shhaa interesting doc, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

1basil1 Go see great doc releases tmrw: @Sundancefest’s SEPTEMBER ISSUE & WE LIVE IN PUBLIC. + AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD

watsurvision Gotta see this! RT @aplusk if you don’t know about We Live in Public you should check this out http://www.weliveinpublicth…

amcfilmcritic We Live in Public – A cringeworthy look at dot-commer Josh Harris, and how life on the web can equal disaster. 3.5 stars

scroll ‘We Live in Public’ is a movie y’all want to see; still on festival circuit, a WNYC radio interview about it from today:

cindyoshea Everyone in NYC- you needs to see this movie 2 morrow – #We Live In Public, @ IFC in NY!C- directed by @onditimoner:

MsConcrete Look up We Live in Public…not sure when Ondi’s bringing it to the Chi, but this film is so powerful!

TeaseOpinion @aplusk thank you for introducing me to ‘we live in public’ — cannot wait to see the final cut

LynnNMG Definitely going to see this. RT @apluskif you don’t know about We Live in Public you should check this out http://www.weliveinpublicth…

xxXhateXxx @aplusk this shit scares me ! We Live in Public … thats really crazy. sad thing its true. mr. cobain did the right thing, he knew it!

IndieIsMe good movies coming to the @BrattleTheatre. I Sell the Dead & We Live in Public

sedaozmen “We Live In Public Movie” Poster Features Quotes From Twitter, New Trailer Launched

LiadanDeBarra Luks fantastic RT @mrskutcher If you want to know how we got here check out WE LIVE IN PUBLIC dnt miss it AMAZING!

AliceKeenan Good morning children! Get the We Live in Public widget via @AddToAny

qthrul @dondodge “We Live in Public” and “Flight 666″ were my favorite viewings at SxSW 2009. The former, moving – the latter m/>.<m/

rgalinsky WE LIVE IN PUBLIC “charting how we arrived at the Facebook YouTube era, it’s damned near invaluable.” Time Out Mag

surglife4me @aplusk Just watched the trailer We Live In Public wow!

chantyce we live in public opens in nyc this wknd if you have a twitter acct i think you’re obliged to see this

wandaecoco hhmmmmm.who started that?? RT@apluskif you don’t know about We Live in Public you should check this out http://www.weliveinpublicth…

mikenolan99 VCs: @fredwilson: We Live In Public Opens In NYC This Weekend

boop2801 We Live in Public: This movie looks very interesting, but a bit disturbing

mrcai Sundance winning We Live In Public opens in NYC this weekend. hope someone brings it over here soon

alainaugsburger We Live In Public Opens In NYC This Weekend: Friday night at the IFC in the Village will be the place to be if y..

MOB514 @southsidefilm Check out this trailer for We Live in Public: @wlip Any chance of getting this to Bethlehem?

dealhorizon #Venture Blogs: Fred Wilson published We Live In Public Opens In NYC This Weekend @

kwalt45 @wlip: Check out this trailer for We Live in Public: It looks scary to me. This WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.

BlondieJustine CAN’T WAIT FOR “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC” !!! 40th anniversary of internet btw ??? WOW.

rmmillar86 ‘We Live In Public’ – documentary on Josh Harris’ web experiments looks like a really interesting film (via @aplusk)

Bastian101 The new big brother experiment “we live in public”

rmmillar86 We Live In Public looks like a really interesting film

The film opens tomorrow (Friday August 28th) at the IFC Center in NYC for a short run.  Details about the opening, including party info and Q+A details are HERE.  Buy tickets HERE!

NYC Advance Press Accolades for WE LIVE IN PUBLIC

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

We are getting all kinds of Big Apple love for WE LIVE IN PUBLIC in anticipation of our big effin’ theatrical premiere at the IFC beginning this Friday. You can buy advance show tickets here at Check out some of the New York buzz…

Time Out New York called our film “Fascinating… damned near invaluable”

One of five “best bets for this upcoming weekend” on NBC4

New Yorker“Disturbing yet fascinating…”

New York Magazine“Exacting, relentless… A film with the sweep of grand tragedy“Brilliant… The most creative, timely and relevant doc of the year…